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We have been so fortunate to have started this charity less than a year ago and already granting wishes and meeting amazing people.  Here are a few of their stories.

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Disguised as pain in his hip from playing High School soccer, Matt Pfund was faced with multiple rounds of doctor appointments and PT treatments to uncover the truth, that he had a rare form of soft tissue cancer. Matt has faced many challenges including the fear that he would lose his leg but Matt’s strong faith and tremendous family gave

him strength to say “It’s just a leg. I’ll still be alive and if I die, I will be with God.” Matt is cancer free in his leg, however the cancer has spread to his lungs. He continues treatments.

Matt has played soccer at a young age and has been a Milwaukee Wave fan.  We were able to grant him a full "Milwaukee Wave Experience"  To be honored at a game and go on the field, meet all of the players, hang out in the locker room, tickets to games and more...


We are happy to present 

Based on a mother’s intuition for her son’s health, Jacob Blahnik’s knee pain wasn’t just a simple injury but actually leukemia. Born with Down Syndrome, Jacob has faced hurdle even though his form of leukemia

was the most treatable kind. He was entered into a Phase III trial where he did experience a seizure that forced him into a vegetative state for 24 hours. But he is a champion and has entered into the Maintenance phase and looks forward to “Ringing the Bell” in December 2022.

Jacob is a huge Milwaukee Bucks fan.  We were able to grant him a "Milwaukee Bucks Experience"  Jacob received a personal video from Milwaukee Bucks player Pat Connaughton, Autographed Giannis Antetokounmpo Jersey, tickets to a game and dinner at State Street Pizza for Jacob and his family and more"

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