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Live 4 Today is a charity to help cancer patients afford and live out their dreams.  Whether it is a dream vacation with their families, to skydiving, to surfing.  We want to give them something to dream of and look forward to while dealing with cancer.

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Our mission is to help people with cancer and other critical illnesses to help grant a wish to help them live life. A dream vacation for them and their family. Surfing. Sky diving. Seeing a Sports game live.  

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We choose to LIVE! We take every day as a gift and we are beyond grateful!

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Get to Know Us

Live 4 Today Supporters…  we are asking for your help!  

Robert “Bob” Case became one of Germantown 's finest in March of 1999. Officer Case wore many hats during his career in law enforcement; patrol officer, accident reconstructionist, and evidence tech to name a few.  However, his last and most notable role was as the Crime Prevention Officer.  While in this role, Bob became a DARE instructor, visited area schools and businesses, organized Neighbors Against Crime (NAC) Night, coordinated the Germantown Police Department's Adult Academy, Cadets Program, and started a Youth Police Academy.  Bob also was the “voice” of the police department when it came to healthy eating and fitness, often encouraging his co-workers to live a healthy lifestyle. 

While in his 15th year of proudly serving the Germantown Police Department (2014), Officer Case was diagnosed with Chondrosarcoma, a rare bone cancer. At that time the cancer was localized to his rib, and he had surgery to remove the tumor along with a section of his rib cage. After a short recovery period, Bob returned eager to get back to work. 

Later that same year Bob started having pain and weakness in his right hip. He was diagnosed and treated for sciatic nerve damage for 9 months before the doctors realized that it was not what they had thought, but that the cancer metastasized to his right hip and femur. Officer Case underwent a hemipelvectomy to remove parts of his hip, pelvis, and femur. He had months of physical therapy to get back the strength and mobility, only to have the cancer return to the same area a year later. He had a second and more extensive hemipelvectomy on the same leg leaving extensive permanent physical damage. Bob was told he would most likely never walk again, but he beat the odds and got back on his feet. Despite Officer Case's hard work and determination, he was forced to retire from the Germantown Police Department in August of 2020 as his physical limitations grew.  

Since then, the cancer has spread to his left leg, left arm, and multiple ribs making many more surgeries necessary.  Bob has had chemotherapy, radiation and cryoablation. There are some tumors that are inoperable because of their location. In August Bob was given a prognosis of 6-12 months.


Live 4 Today would love to be able to give Bob, his wife, kids and grandkids a great getaway; some much needed and deserved time with family.  After all the years of service he gave, it’s time we give back!   Please join us by donating to       Thank you!!



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Saturday, December 10th 6:05

MKE Wave vs St Louis Ambush


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